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about me

the idea that made me start creating was born from the need to find original accessories, unique, different, with personality and with a story to tell. the purpose of my collection is to give a second life to forgotten pieces in a drawer or pieces that were once part of something and now nobody looks at them anymore or are thrown away.

my accessories are the result of this research for unique pieces that wanted to be found in any corner of the world, with inspiration and creativity to enjoy them, creating an own and personal style.

the first destination of these creations was myself. i started creating them for my personal use. i am my own window to the world, and that gives them even more character. they have been so well accepted around that i decided to share that passion with the people.

there is only one piece of each from almost all of my creations since they are based on what I find around the world and what inspires me to create something that we can wear and enjoy. they are not second-hand pieces, i just give them a second life as their use is different now than when they were created. i feel proud of saving bits of our history. the world hides many treasures that are worth recovering, each one with it´s own story to tell.

i am a Scorpio, always curious about the unknown and about history, eager for knowledge and a rebel. i like going against the obvious or what is expected, in a natural way, effortless. i enjoy new challenges, and whatever i do, i do it with passion and with great enthusiasm, enriching me. i really need the emotion that i feel when i discover a unique piece or a new idea comes to my mind. it’s like a drug that makes me feel alive. i love and enjoy being different and i am aware that i am. i find inspiration spontaneously and naturally, it is something that comes up without me thinking.

everything is hand-made by me, using all kind of materials, especially antique, vintage, recycled and discarded items.

we also customize, personaliza and make accessories upon request.

this is how they see me in the web magazine rockinchiclifestyle.com